User Interface Design

Buena Vista UI Design: App

Project for my Interactive Design and Multimedia class. I designed the interface, as well as the icons shown. Pictures used are either my own and CC0. The models used are PLEDIS’ Seventeen, no copyright infringement is intended, this is solely for preview purposes.

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Agma Apps: Website UI Design

I designed both the icons in the page and the user interface of the page. You can see it here.


Logotypes from Class work

Logotypes from freelancing


Brightly Bianca (freelancing work)


Student Magazine: XoXo (inDesign)

Disclaimer: I used Park Shin Hye as a model for this, including several of her appearances in magazines, including Ceci, Singles, and SELF. No copyright infringement is intended as this is solely for technical executement purposes.

Student Magazine: Inter@cción

A preview from one of my first projects. Most pictures were either taken by me, gathered from the UIPR’s pages, or taken from the Internet (mostly CC0 websites, if not, they have been credited inside the picture). The guava logo and the last picture in the last page are both my work.


Poster work in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Disclaimer: None of the pictures used in each artwork belong to me, they are simply for work purposes. The credits go to their respective owners, such as Rio’s Mascots, Andy Warhol’s Museum, The Last Ship, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Triple S, and  Minute Maid. The work made in Illustrator have been made by scratch.


Digital portfolio from my Digital Photography class.